Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret

Victoria secret is a trick to make profit from bullish market which is nearly close to top levels (saturated levels) in Eur/Usd and Gbp/Usd pairs. I developed the trick at 2005. Some were fails, but most of them are ended with great profit.

I booked profit of 200 pips in Eur/Usd at the last week of January 2006 with using only 1 order and 1 overnight. But unfortunately, I was loss for -35 pips at the first week of January 2006 in Eur/Usd. And I was succeed to take profit of 300 pips in Gbp/Usd in December 2005. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to use stop loss in implementing this trick. I use 35 pips gap from open position for Eur/Usd and 50 pips gap from open position for Gbp/Usd.

When the Dollar is weakening against the Euro and Pounds and enters its saturated levels, then it’s time for us to wait for its correction. Will correction occur (due to economic data impacts or just for technical rebound), usually it will make significant movement. And this is a good opportunity to enter market.

The easiest way to predict saturated levels and find Victoria Secret opportunity is by looking at RSI (14) indicator at time frame of 1D. When bullish market is reaching 65 level (crossing above 65), then it’s time for us to look forward to waiting for Victoria Secret opportunity.

Use candlestick mode on your chart. When RSI (14) at time frame of 1D crosses above 65, take a good look at market price. If market price forms ‘empty candlestick’ (closing price above opening price), then we’ll wait for ‘shaded candlestick’ (closing price below opening price) on the next days.

When you got the ‘shaded candlestick’, then the day after that would be our Victoria Secret day.
So the pattern would be: Empty candlestick-shaded candlestick-victoria secret candlestick

Yup, I know… you might need to be patience to make profit from this trick. But considering its reward, it is worth to wait for the opportunity.

When market price at Victoria Secret candlestick is equal to high level at shaded candlestick, then it’s time to sell. And do not forget to use stop loss.

When market price moves nearly our stop loss, then we’re not going to do anything. If our stop loss is hit, then let it go. It means that this is not our lucky day. But if market price moves downward then we’re so close to big victory.

Its main purpose is to earn big victory and usually the opportunity occurs in low volatile market. Therefore, I named it Victoria Secret trick.

One trick that will make you feels comfortable with your profit and makes you please to ‘see’ it. Just like ‘the other’ Victoria Secret. You know what I mean.

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