The Amazing Stealth Forex Trading System

The Amazing Stealth Forex Trading System

Easy To Use, Powerful Forex Trading System. Even Beginners Are Making Huge Profits In Their First Week.

Using only the 1 hour chart, watch for a buy or sell bar to start forming on the LCD only.

Check that there is volume (grass tufts), (and that price has not been trading in a narrow range over the past few hours) and enter a trade in the direction indicated.

Immediately place your stop-loss at the tip of the Stealth symbol on the opposite side of the price line to your direction of trade (plus the spread).

Continue to move your stop-loss to the tip of each new Stealth symbol as and when the
trade moves in your favour (always remembering to add the spread).

Continue this process until you are stopped out automatically – usually with a nice profit,or the LCD on the 1 hour chart, changes colour.

Before entering the trade make sure that should your stop-loss be hit, it would not result in your losing more than 2% of your account. If this is the case, wait for the next stealth to appear and see if this gives a tighter stop-loss.

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