Trading Tools

Trading Tools

Whether you choose to use fundamental analysis, or technical analysis, you will need a way to access and interpret information about the market. The Internet is filled with websites that offer you unique insight into the FOREX market, and it’s often difficult to know which ones to consider. Here is a roundup of some the more useful tools available. Of course, these offerings are always changing, so nothing is guaranteed until you try a program and find that it gives you the information you require.

The first program we’ll consider is the Advanz Auto4X Trading Platform. This is an automatic execution tool that will help you keep track of multiple trades, and automates your trading processes by taking Trade Station strategy signals, incorporating your trading strategy, and sending the results to Capital’s trading platform. Advanz Auto4X can handle a variety of trading strategies on various time frames. It can also handle any of the FOREX crosses that are made available for trading.

However, the majority of tools available to the individual trader are analytical tools, not automatic execution tools. Here are a selection of some that I have found useful.

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