Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools

Elliot Wave – This is considered by most experienced traders to be the purest form of technical analysis, since Elliott Wave analysis measures investor psychology. The Wave shows how the psychology of traders, en masse, moves from pessimism to optimism on a stock. This shift occurs in a specific and measurable. Detecting where a stock is in the pattern can help a trader estimate the future movements of the market.

K.B. Advisory Ltd. – This program offers you daily technical analysis and trading recommendations that are based on sophisticated trading strategies developed by Keith Black. It boasts a successful three-year track record.

TRL (Technical Research Limited) – TRL is a Specialist Foreign Exchange Forecasting Service that can help you with forecasting and trading analysis in the global foreign exchange markets. Technical Research Limited is rated the No. 1 FX Advisory Service by customers in 39 different countries around the world.

PronetAnalytics - This program is very powerful, and offers real-time analysis for market professionals who are looking for inexpensive real-time data and exchange feeds with standard and simple graphical trading support.

IFR (International Financing Review) – IFR Forex Watch has real-time technical analysis of the FX spot and options markets. It connects you with analysts in London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. IFR specializes in sifting through the vast array of information that clutters up current market participants, and boiling it down to its bare essentials.

GMR (Global Market Research) – Global Market Research provides price forecasting and performance-based Trade Strategies for the FX market. You can check out their daily newsletter, their FX Technicals and intraday updates and analysis through the Web. Or you can have them E-mailed to you. – This is a resource created by a market professional that has been trading and writing about markets for nearly 20 years. You can capitalize on of his experience and his analysis, especially technical analysis, and get a real trader's take on current market action.
4CASTWEB – 4CAST sends out key market information and analysis to market participants worldwide, including central banks. It also has an on-line service that gives you fundamental, political, strategic and technical analysis 24 hours a day

ForexTRM – ForexTRM is a forex charting service that pairs 18 world and regional currencies and tracks them every day. This means ForexTRM lets you to trade any one of the 18 currencies against any of the other 17. It uses trademarked Sigma Bands and Hurst Cycle Analysis to correctly identify overbought/sold FOREX markets, where trading risk is at its lowest point in time, and which currency pairs are ready to trade. There is also an ALERTS Newsletter that you can get free of charge.

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