Forex Blaster



This book has been written by a prominent trader who I think you are already familiar with. He is Avi Frister, the author of Forex Trading Machine. The FX Blaster Mechanical system takes advantage of a special pattern that occurs in the FX markets. Now if you are a seasoned trader, you are probably already familiar with the general pattern the system is based on but what you dont know is how to take advantage of it. The FX Blaster will show you how to adapt this patter to specific pairs so that you can squeeze the juice out of these candles. Go on and have a nice read

This book has a very nice strategy which will suit all kinds of traders but is more intended towards the novice trader. It has a very good introduction to the forex markets, detailing well the requirements so that anyone can become a successful forex trader. Take your time and have a nice read.


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