Elliot Wave Signal 08 September 2007

08 Sept 07

Euro vs US Dollar

Short-Medium term trade.

Currency Pair = EUR/USD

TimeFrame = 4Hrs

Signal = BUY current market price.

Risk Reward Ratio = 6.0

Short term target for SubMinutte Wave v at 1.3695 .

Our point of view seeing Euro to push even further upward with higher target 1.37XX area.Our Ellitt wave technical analysis only target at 1.3695 area but it could go further with current momentum from market fundamental segment.

For long term Euro ,if euro had taken an upside 1.37XX area to make a reverse it could take a test important resistance at 1.3550 area.If it succeed to break that resistance there is more major downward correction for our next target.

For now, lets just see some chart of our short-term Elliott Wave analysis :-

elliott wave signal

From: Elliot wave signal prognosis

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