Elliott Wave Signal 29 September 2007

Medium term trade.

Time Frame = Daily

Signal = Sell market price for limited wave iv.

Risk Reward Ratio = equal or below 0.0

Short term target for SubMinutte Wave iv at 1.4050 area.

Stop Loss at above 1.4300 area.

EUR/USD Elliott wave Analysis :-

Again Euro vs US Dollars has made new record high at the end of last trading week.In my Broker Platform EUR/USD has traded above 1.4250 area.Others trading platform reached 1.4280 point high.That is 80+ point above our target for the previous Elliott wave EUR/USD signal.We expect continue of bullish rally but there could be a little retracement before higher target archive.That is where our short term signal come out.

For this High Risk Short term trade, we target wave iv at 1.4050 area.Stop is above 1.4300 area.Remember our previous 2nd target for Medium Term - Medium Risk Signal?That is still our Major trend right now.So if you don’t have a good strategy for scalping than I do not recommend to take this high risk trades.Stay with Medium to Low Risk Signal.

Illustrated Chart of latestt EUR/USD Elliott Wave Signal.

elliott wave

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