Elliot Wave Signal, Sept 07

Last Edited 13 September 07

13 Sept 07

US Dollar vs Japanese Yen


Medium term trade.

TimeFrame = 4 Hours.

Signal = Buy Signal at Current Market Price.

Target Profit = 119.26 area for our first target profit.

Risk Reward Ratio = 5.0 +

This is a medium risk trade on taking advantage of possible wave iii impulsive trend.

Elliott wave Analysis :-

Our Elliott wave analysis point out that market has found a good support in previous low for a base of wave (ii) and now they are ranging before speedup to make a new top for elliott wave (iii).First target is at 161.8% of fibo at 119.26 further higher target may archived of USD/JPY have enough momentum to pass previous resistance.

Below are illustrated elliott wave pattern of ours :-

elliott wave signal

11 Sept 07

New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar

Currency Pair = NZD/USD.


Short-Medium term trade.

TimeFrame = 4 Hours.

Signal = Sell at market Price.

Risk Reward Ratio = 5.X (High-Medium risk)

Medium term target for Minute Wave (iii) at 0.6700 area as our first target profit.

Exit at 0.7000 area.

Our Elliott wave analysis indicates that NZD/USD currency market are now building momentum for medium impulsive wave (iii) down.

How ever we could see more silence market until early tomorrow morning when the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) announce their short term interest rate.Market forecast that RBNZ will keep their interest rate at 8.25%.

Then only we could see some major movement.Our first target is 0.6700 area ,this is where NZD/USD testing previous support.If it pass previous low at 0.6640 then it could go further down to next support at 0.6400.

Below are illustrated chart of our latest elliott wave analysis on NZD/USD :-

elliot wave

11 Sept 07

Australian Dollar vs US Dollar

Currency Pair = AUD/USD.


Short-Medium term trade.

TimeFrame = 4Hrs.

Elliott wave Signal = Sell market price around 0.8275 area.

Risk Reward Ratio = to be advice

Elliott Medium term target for first wave (iii) down = 0.7680-0.7450

AUD/USD Elliott Wave Analysis :-

We predicted that current market price is near end of wave (ii).How ever this wave (ii) can move up till 0.8400 area.

From this wave (ii) then we could trade for next wave and that is wave (iii) down.This Elliott wave (iii) could be our major wave how ever it have to pass previous low at 0.76780 before its continue to our next target,minimum at 0.7450.

Possible extended impulsive wave then will occur.That is for our next signal.

Below are our illustrated AUD/USD Elliott wave analysis.

elliott wave signal

09 Sept 07

US Dollar vs Swiss Francs

Today we continue with Elliottwave signal for US Dollar vs Swiss Francs .

Currency Pair = USD/CHF

Elliott wave Signal :-

Short-Medium Term Trade.

TimeFrame = 4 Hours.

Elliott Wave Signal = Buy limit advice at 1.1818 area.

Target Profit = 1.2030 area.

Risk Reward Ratio = less than 1.0

Stop Loss is seeing at 1.1796

Elliott Wave Analysis :-

This is a high risk signal just because from our calculation the risk-pe-reward ratio for this entry is below 1.0 %.So if you are not a risk taker we are strongly not advice you to use this signal.Just use this signal as your trade guidance.

From our elliott wave point of view, USD/CHF is still under ranging market whit a complex a-b-c-d-e zigzag correction pattern.

Although our target for next turn is around 1.1816,there is still a possibilities for Dollar /Swiss Francs to go further downward toward next support at 1.1730 area.

So make sure you are ready with your stop if you plan to trade the e-wave.

Below are our illustrated image of current USD/CHF elliott wave market pattern :-

elliott wave signal

08 Sept 07

Euro vs US Dollar

Short-Medium term trade.

Currency Pair = EUR/USD

TimeFrame = 4Hrs

Signal = BUY current market price.

Risk Reward Ratio = 6.0

Short term target for SubMinutte Wave v at 1.3695 .

Our point of view seeing Euro to push even further upward with higher target 1.37XX area.Our Ellitt wave technical analysis only target at 1.3695 area but it could go further with current momentum from market fundamental segment.

For long term Euro ,if euro had taken an upside 1.37XX area to make a reverse it could take a test important resistance at 1.3550 area.If it succeed to break that resistance there is more major downward correction for our next target.

For now, lets just see some chart of our short-term Elliott Wave analysis :-

elliott wave signal

06 Sept 07

Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar

Its being a while since our last Elliott Wave Signal.We see some profit form our last analisis and now we are ready for new Cable Elliott wave signal.

Currency pair : GBP/USD.

GBP/USD Elliottwave Signal :-

Currency Pair = GBP/USD

TimeFrame = 4Hrs

Signal = Limit Sell signal at 2.0250-2.0270 area.

Risk Reward Ratio = 5.X

Target for Submicro Wave iv at 1.9945 - 1.9965 area.

Current Market price is at 2.0193,we assume there is still a space in upper resistance at 2.0270 area which can be label as wave v.Still if Cable failed to break previous high at 2.0231 we could assume yesterday high at 2.0219 will be a high of corrective wave b with a target wave c at bottom of possible wave 2(see pic below).

The could be a three wave down(a-b-c) toward our wave 2 down target.

From: Elliot wave signal prognosis


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