Elliot Wave Signal 26 September 2007


Elliott wave Signal for 25th September 2007:

Signal for Short term- high risk trade.

Time Frame = 4 Hrs.

Elliott wave Signal = Buy Limit at 0.8450 ~ 0.8460 area.

Risk Reward Ratio between 0.0~1.0 (High Risk)

Elliott Short term target for end of wave (v) up with first target at 0.8870 and for extended wave v = 0.8940 area.

Stop will be below of previous support at 0.8270 area.

AUD/USD Elliott Wave Analysis :-

We can call this is as an updated version of previous AUD/USD Signal.Market has passed beyond our target and that makes us recount for our last signal.Elliott wave principle told us that wave iii cant be the shortest among the three-major-wave.So that makes current wave up is labeled as wave iii.

Its seem there is a just a little space for AUD to pushed higher to end recent wave iii.We suggest to enter buy entry at upcoming wave iv when AUD/USD has retrace.This is a medium high risk,so we advice that you take a good strategy and money management when you decided to follow our signal.

Wave iv always confusing most trader , it could be a complex consolidation in a retracement, so make sure you wont be caught.

As usual I attach the illustrated Elliott wave counts to give an idea of out analysis :-

elliott wave

By: ElliotWavesSignal.com

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