Currency Trader

Currency Trader

The whole idea behind currency trading is to buy or sell one particular currency and expect the price to move in your favour. Whether the price moves up or down, you can make money, even when prices drop or the economy falls.

A person who trades currencies is known as a Forex Trader. This is because the currency market is also known as the 'Foreign Exchange' market or the 'Forex' market. Traders also refer to it as the spot or cash market. Over 2 trillion dollars change hands in this market every day.

The currency market....

  • has a volume over $2 trillion. This means there are always buyers wishing to sell you something and sellers always willing to buy from you.
  • is open 24 hours a day which allows you to trade before and after working hours.
  • has only 4 major currencies. This will allow you to concentrate your methods and techniques on these currencies.
  • gives a trader the advantage of making money regardless of the direction the market is heading, even if it is going down.

The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader is a complete step by step training manual
which teaches you how to trade currencies.

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